Can pr help you with trade shows? YES!

Trade Shows

Are you looking to maximize your trade show engagement? Be sure you aren’t overlooking pr opportunities. 

Recently, Blue Wagon Group helped Aerologic Marketing and its client, Camel Expeditionary, take a deeper look at planning for future trade show engagement and participation.  The basic advice we offered Camel can apply across industries and B2B trade shows.

  1. Do your research.  Find out about the shows that may be good venues for your organization to attend, sponsor, and/or exhibit.  Make a solid list with key attributes, such as attendance stats, media presence, speaking opportunities, etc. 
  2. Explore.  Attend the shows first.  Get a feel for who’s exhibiting vs. who’s attending. Talk to the show managers for info on the next year’s show. 
  3. Determine which shows are the best fit for your marketing goals and budget.  Make your plan for the next 1-3 years. Which shows will you exhibit at? How big will your presence be?  (You may not be able to do them all in one year or every year.) 
  4. Work with your marketing team to plan for your participation – your exhibit space, promo items, staffing, product launches, special events, etc. 
  5. Now you’re ready to consider the pr opportunities for each show.
    • Can you garner a place for your org’s thought leader or CEO on a panel discussion or in a workshop? Speaking at a trade show is the cherry on top when you are there as an exhibitor.  
    • What promo tools does the trade show itself offer to exhibitors, such as product showcases, show websites, etc.?  Take advantage of those!
    • Is there press room?  Does the show share its media list?  What are the rules for engaging with the press on-site? Can you leave materials in the press room for journalists to pick up? Contact the trade show management team to find out all the ins and outs of the on-site media program. 
    • Is there an on-site publication?  Can you secure an interview or place an article? “Show dailies” offer great visibility and promotion among attendees. 
    • Do your own media outreach in advance.  Research coverage for the prior year’s show to help build your target list of outlets and journalists.  
    • Make sure your news releases are just that – news!  Don’t pitch or distribute “nothing burger” releases.   
    • Network!  Get out there and socialize – meet new people, talk to the media on-site.  You never know what can grow from an initial contact. 

At Blue Wagon, we always advocate for your pr efforts to align with and support your overall business goals.  Working with the marketing team to achieve those, rather than in a silo, ensures success and getting the biggest bang for your buck for your trade show engagement.  

Need some help with your trade show pr?   Give us a shout.