My first internship

As an intern at the Blue Wagon Group, I learned so much this summer about both pr as an occupation and also workplace experience.

I am a senior in high school, and this was my first internship. This summer, I worked with Nancy Mayes on a number of projects, including blog writing, making media lists, name brainstorming, and interview prep. Knowing very little about pr at the beginning of this internship, my knowledge of the field has grown tremendously.

My first assignment was creating media lists for two clients. I have a strong interest in journalism, but doing this assignment allowed me to experience how the other side operates. Additionally, when preparing a client for an interview, I noticed the differences in the two occupations. Writing both the questions and answers was an unusual experience, but it allowed me to better understand interviewees’ responses.

Brainstorming name ideas was a fun and new job I was able to participate in. I learned what types of names are catchy (like alliteration), ways to test different options by polling the public, and other resources that can help with idea generation.

Writing for the BWG blog gave me great experience for journalism and professional writing in general. All of my posts were edited by a pr expert who left helpful feedback, commonly precision changes. I really enjoyed this task and will apply my learning in the future.

Overall, I have had an amazing experience this summer and grown by doing these jobs but also by sitting in and taking notes during meetings. Thank you so much BWG!

About the author:  Devon Rudolph is a senior at Robinson Secondary in Fairfax, Va. She plans to study journalism in college.