AI in PR: The Benefits of AI and Chat GPT

From writing to image creation and data analyzation, artificial intelligence does it all. This blog post will highlight the specific advantages of AI and how to apply this technology to pr. Additionally, a great resource for discovering AI programs is Supertools, which can help you find a site matching your needs. 

Idea Generation – Brainstorming is a major job for pr organizations. Whether the task is creating headlines, naming programs, or drafting potential interview questions, Chat GPT is a helpful tool. It is important to note that using technology is not cheating. Likely, you will not use AI’s exact ideas. Rather, it will allow you to expand your thinking, leading you to find the right option. 

Data Analysis – AI is a technology that excels in processing high levels of input, and there are realistic uses for data analysis in pr. For example, if you have 100 responses to a survey asking for company improvements, you could ask Chat GPT to read the responses and determine the five most prevalent ideas. 

Summarizing – In addition to analyzation of data, AI can distill information into smaller volumes or more basic language. This could be especially helpful for creating summaries for articles you want to share with a client. Also, if you have text written for experts in the field, Chat GPT can make the writing more understandable for a lay audience.

Editing – As AI has read thousands of pieces of text, it is able to detect mistakes in your writing. Ranging from AP style errors to word choice and concision, Chat GPT can correct your text. When asking for editing advice, it is also important to require a list of changes and rationale, so you can ensure the changes the program is making are necessary. 

Transcribing – Taking notes during meetings can distract you from focusing on your client. Now, AI programs are able to “sit in” during virtual meetings and transcribe what is said, allowing you to be more engaged with the customer. 

Overall, AI  has real, helpful applications in the field of pr, all of which supports our work rather than taking over jobs. Read next in the series: the negative aspects of AI in pr work

About the author:  Devon Rudolph is a senior at Robinson Secondary in Fairfax, Va. She plans to study journalism in college. A focus of her summer internship at BWG has been artificial intelligence in public relations. This is the second in a 4-part blog series.