AI in PR: Embracing New Technology and Establishing a Code of Conduct

Artificial intelligence; a phrase  shaping the professional landscape across all occupations. New programs like Chat GPT, Google Bard, and Jasper AI allow users to create text in seconds based on any input. It is easy, especially in public relations, to be concerned  by the implications. However, we must understand and embrace these technologies, rather than reject them, as they are clearly here to stay. 

AI is the technology that allows computers to simulate human responses. Chat GPT, an AI program, has used the internet and read thousands upon thousands of writings to learn how humans communicate. The program used this information to train, giving it the ability to predict desired outputs for any given input from the user. Other programs, like Adobe Firefly Images, learn by analyzing other images and imitating their style. 

It is alarming to hear your job could be replaced by technology; but this is not necessarily the case. While it is true that AI programs have the ability to do many tasks currently completed by pr professionals, even the most advanced AI programs cannot replace people. Remember, these programs are looking at patterns in text, so their responses are not perfect, and often far from it. The pr industry must adapt and use these programs to enhance our work rather than avoid and ignore AI altogether.  . 

PR groups should establish a code of conduct for the use of AI. Currently, there are no specific guidelines for pr organizations, which makes it all the more important to develop and agree on a policy for your agency. 

Some ideas to consider within your code include:

Will your agency allow the use of AI in… 

  • Brainstorming?
  • Data analysis?
  • Editing?
  • Writing?

Will your agency require a notice of AI use…

  • To your clients?
  • In online content?

In this blog series, explore the benefits and the negative aspects of using AI to understand the implications when crafting your policy. 

About the author:  Devon Rudolph is a senior at Robinson Secondary in Fairfax, Va. She plans to study journalism in college. A focus of her summer internship at BWG has been artificial intelligence in public relations. This is the first in a 4-part blog series.