AI in PR: Creating Prompts for Chat GPT

You have decided to use Chat GPT for a task and you are unsure of how to get the best output. First, read our blog posts about the benefits and pitfalls of AI to determine if this is the right project for Chat GPT. Once you are comfortable with using AI for your task, you must craft your input carefully. 

Chat GPT is programmed to try and meet your needs, but you must be crystal clear on exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to type a paragraph or more for your input; in general, the more detail the better. Introduce yourself and your objective in your prompt, context is necessary for the program to understand your project. Answer questions like: 

  • Who are you?
  • What is your objective?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the writing style? 

If the program does not produce what you are looking for, rephrase your questions and ask again. 

Here is an example scenario: You are working to come up with a name for a client’s new program. Your customer is a non-profit organization whose priority is environmental protection. This new program name should reflect the theme of wildlife conservation but also be short and catchy. See the different inputs and responses each received. 

Input 1: I want to name a program. This name should be related to the environment. What should I name it?

Output 1: EcoSense

Input 2: I am working to create a name for a new program. This non-profit organization would like this name to reflect ideas of environmental protection and wildlife conservation. This name should be catchy and short, three words maximum. Alliteration is preferred. Please create ten examples for this new program. 

Output 2: Green Guardians, Wildlife Warriors, Eco-Protectors, Nature’s Defenders, Conservation Champions, Earth’s Advocates, Wildsavers, Green Ambassadors, Nature’s Allies, Eco-Trailblazers 

Input 1 was not specific, and the output did not accomplish the desired goal. Input 2, on the other hand, was specific and yielded a far better response. If you want to incorporate AI or Chat GPT into your work, it is beneficial to experiment and learn how to use it most effectively.

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About the author:  Devon Rudolph is a senior at Robinson Secondary in Fairfax, Va. She plans to study journalism in college. A focus of her summer internship at BWG has been artificial intelligence in public relations. This is the final in a 4-part blog series.