Steer into the skid

We advise our clients to be prepared for a crisis. Think through all the possibilities and formulate an action plan for your worst-case scenarios. Having a thoughtful, thorough plan truly is the key to positive pr outcomes in a crisis situation. We believe this, we teach this, and we’ve seen it tested and validated time and again. 

Drivers’ ed instructors can likely say the same about advising students to steer into the skid when hydroplaning or sliding on ice. Yet, what do most of us – students and veteran drivers alike – do in a scary, out-of-control-feeling situation when sure disaster is looming? We pump the brakes, yank the wheel, maybe even close our eyes – all in attempt to avoid the crash. But then the crash occurs anyway. 

When a crisis happens, your best course of action is to remain calm, steering into the skid.  You’ve got your plan in place; let it guide your actions even though it may seem like you are sliding and out of control for a long period of time. Face forward, eyes open. Ride it out, following all the best practices and your carefully thought-out action steps. Eventually, the momentum slows and you’ll feel in control again.

When you can look back, take stock, and unbuckle your seat belt, you’ll recognize the investment of time and planning has a big return.