Priorities and sweet tea

If you grew up in the South like me, you are likely a fan – maybe a connoisseur – of sweet tea.  Would you rather have a flavorful glass of sweet tea, or three glasses of vaguely-tea-flavored water? This is the difference between impact and dilution. If we only have so much tea, don’t we want to use it to create something great?

The same goes with our work product. 

Time management is a struggle for many of us, me included. Perhaps we just take on too much, or maybe the great time-management tips attempted eventually wear off.  If your desk, inbox, and brain are brimming over with things to do, prioritization can be a challenge. But it’s during these busy times that prioritizing is more necessary than ever. 

Truly, assigning priorities can just take a minute. It can be as simple as this: 

  1. Each morning, write down the three most important things you need to accomplish.
  2. Schedule blocks of time or set a timer to stay focused and complete each task – one at a time.
  3. Then use leftover time to work on all the other stuff

At the very least, you’ll have gotten the most important things done, instead of giving watered-down effort to less important tasks. And maybe now you have time for a sweet tea break to ponder on your day’s achievements.  Pour a glass for me.