PR can’t stand alone

Have you ever had such a good idea that you stumble over yourself to get it “out there?” The product so exciting or the timely promotion that you know will hit just right can be so alluring that you might not be able to hold back until all the logistics or details are just right. You push your team for a news release and voila – the idea is out in the world!

Exciting, right?

Not when you start to see high bounce-rates and low conversions. Your little light bulb just fizzled out, but why?

Well, a good idea and talking about it aren’t the only two ingredients you need to be successful. When you have that awesome idea and generate conversations about it, driving customers to your website, you still need to deliver on what you promised. If the media coverage leads customers to expect a red-carpet experience, you better be ready to deliver a red-carpet experience through every stage of the customer journey.

The best way to ensure you’re meeting customer expectations all the way through their journey is to keep your communications and PR team involved. These are the folks who will craft messaging aligned to your great idea and your goals. They’ll share this great idea with the people who want to buy into your great idea through targeted media efforts. AND they’ll work with your web, retail, customer service and CRM teams to ensure the messaging arc your customers encounter matches what was promised and builds their relationship with you.

So, the next time you get a big, wonderful idea, gather up your communications and PR advisors. Take the time and resources to build a complete experience that will deepen trust and relationship with your customers. Give the people what you said you would. Then, have fun and enjoy the ride.

(Don’t have communications and PR advisors? We can help you with that.)