Nourish your plants, nourish your brain

Have any indoor plants?

Mine brighten my office.  They’re low maintenance, and grow happily with occasional water. But every now and then, I give them plant food for an extra kick of nutrients. Guess what happens? They grow stronger, bloom brighter, and I’m pretty sure they’re happier, too.

Are we nourishing our brains in the same way?

When we’re busy with work, clients, and deadlines—it’s easy to keep buzzing forward. We go and go with minimal maintenance, but as time goes by—we might lose our brightness.

How do we reinvigorate ourselves?

Learn something new. Strengthen professional skills.  To stay strong, happy, and capable, we must invest in ourselves. Five easy ways to continue learning include:

  1. Participate in a workshop
  2. Attend a conference
  3. Watch a webinar
  4. Read a publication in your industry
  5. Go to a networking event

What do you have planned before the end of the year to nourish your brain?