Huddle up!

I’m not a football player, or any kind of an athlete, really. But I love a good huddle. The entire concept – circling up with your teammates, joining arms, putting heads together to hash out the next play – is really a metaphor for how I like to work. Especially now. 

The last eight months have been crazy – for all of us. Often, I feel as if I’m running in different directions with little focus and too many unknowns to get a good handle on the next play, much less the outcome of the game. Do you feel that way?

But there’ve been some upsides to hunkering down at home in the office. I‘ve learned to collaborate in new ways.

Early on in the pandemic, I connected with a friend group who work in the communications arena. We simply talked. It felt so positive to share in a safe space what I was thinking and working on, I made it a regular occurrence. I’ve found it to be a great exercise in helping me better focus my projects and work. We discovered we had different skills and experiences that were complimentary to each other. The industries we work with vary, but our commonality is a focus in marketing and communications and a similar value system where we appreciate, support, and empathize with each other as professional women. 

Out of our conversations, we decided to share this experience with our individual networks. The four of us are scheduling calls with colleagues, clients, and prospects – just to talk. We call them “huddles.” The conversations diverge. Sometimes we discuss a project, problem, or an issue to lend a fresh perspective. Sometimes it is more of a brainstorm session; sometimes it is a venting session. And sometimes we discuss the pandemic news and life stressors. All the conversations have camaraderie, respect, and empathy in common.  (And coffee!  Because a pandemic definitely calls for extra java.) 

Do you want (or need) to chat? Maybe circle up to figure out your next play? Learn more and schedule a call at

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