Flexibility is the real key to balance

We’ve all heard and talked so much about attaining the ever-elusive work-life balance.  The challenges, the debate – is it possible? – and the formulas for success. 

While normally a glass-half-full gal, I don’t think it is possible, especially for working moms. Not one myself, I watch my colleagues and wonder all the time, “how in the world do they do it all?”  (Kudos to all working moms for the valiant effort you make every day.)

And yet we all keep talking about work-life balance. Heck, the BWG blog has a category for it, and we’ve posted several blogs already on the topic. So, what do I have new to add to the conversation?

During a recent online chat of all-women, senior pr professionals, a very wise individual advocated for renaming it work-life flexibility.  How brilliant – and obvious – is that?!

Stop beating yourself up over how you cannot find the balance. Embrace being flexible instead. Life goes up and down and sideways sometimes; work does, too. If we can bend and stretch with it, then our balance really does improve. Things may wobble from time to time, but that’s part of strengthening our flexibility.