Don’t cut your own hair!

COVID isolation rules aside – you wouldn’t normally try to cut your own hair, would you?

You might own a trimmer or some fancy styling tools. You may even be really adventurous and have tried a “color at home kit,” but chances are you’ve contributed more than a few times to the $20 billion salon industry.

You probably have a mechanic or car dealership to assist with your maintenance needs, even though you have some wrenches and a car jack.

If you use these outside experts in your personal life, why hesitate to bring them in to your professional one?

You have a computer. You have a smart phone. You may consider yourself a decent writer and have a social media account, but does that mean you have the specialized training or tools to create a comprehensive communications strategy or crisis management plan?

A communications consultant can help you and your business solve problems, set goals, plan for and manage a critical situation and achieve results. Outside experts can often bring an unbiased perspective or “fresh eyes” to your situation, helping you find new ways to look at an old challenge.

Using an outside expert for public relations, marketing or strategic communications doesn’t make you lazy or less intelligent any more than using a hair stylist does.

Put down the scissors. Leave the box color alone.

Make an appointment with the professionals – whether that’s a hair colorist or the team at Blue Wagon Group.