A gratitude list cultivates a year ‘round attitude of thankfulness

A Gratitude List Cultivates a Year ‘Round Attitude of Thankfulness

We all know Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings but cultivating an attitude of gratitude year ‘round can boost mental, spiritual, and even physical health.

A gratitude list can be a helpful way to kick start this positive behavior, even for those among us who may not necessarily be “list people.”

Consider what you’re thankful for today and write it down.

I woke up this morning. I’m strong and healthy enough to walk through my neighborhood. I have the resources to have a decent roof over my head and nourishing food in the fridge. I live in a free country. I’m blessed with family and friends with whom I can enjoy life.

The beautiful thing about a gratitude list is that you can be as broad or as granular as you like. You make your own rules, and they can flex depending on the hour, day, or season. Or your mood.

One very curious phenomenon is that on days when you’re feeling especially not thankful (because we all have those days), the things you gripe about oddly find their way to the gratitude list once you adjust your attitude. Here’s what I mean: you may wake up on a rainy, dreary day and feel pretty grumpy about it. The next time it rains though, you might be grateful that what’s spilling down from the clouds is rinsing away the spring pollen.

It’s all in your attitude and perspective.

And I believe a positive attitude and life perspective make you healthier mentally, spiritually, and even physically.

So, this Thanksgiving as you share what you’re grateful for, think about beginning a new tradition of cultivating a gratitude list. It’s a practice that can sow seeds for a positive, healthy life.