A few of my favorite things

Like most folks, I love lots of things about the holiday season – the scents, the candy, the merriment. At the top of my list, though, is the holiday card exchange.  I look forward to opening the mail every day in December. For many on my list, it’s the only communication we share throughout the whole year.  

Some colleagues, friends, and family send me letters, some send photos of their kids and dogs, and some just include a simple signature.  Regardless of the depth of detail or design, the card lets me know that I crossed someone’s mind.  Personally, and professionally, this simple communication and outreach has meaning and value – this year, perhaps, more than ever.  

The pandemic took millions of us out of our work environments and away from family and friends. Sending personal notes from you or your business may provide a client or a loved one a desperately needed warm thought, virtual hug, or genuine smile. Because COVID-19 has socially distanced us, there is plenty of silent suffering to go around. How better could you spend a few moments of your holiday season than mailing out wishes of peace and joy (and it supports the USPS, too!)?

If only all our mail was so fun to open. 

(Big thanks and kudos to Elizabeth Sawinski of Aerologic Marketing for once again lending her special talent to the Blue Wagon Group holiday cards.)